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BH Fitness Vibroboost GS SE BH Fitness Vibroboost GS SE (BYV30SRS)

Thanks to triaxial movement, the BH Fitness Vibroboost GS SE helps working all muscle groups and reduce cellulitis. A variety of programmes to choose from, helps train the selected body parts and quickly achieve the desired results. The console is very intuitive and features new GSR graphics display. For greater workout comfort, the vibration platform has a control panel located halfway up the main column and a central handlebar, which can serve as a headrest when seated.


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BH Fitness Tactile Tonic massage machine 12% discount BH Fitness Tactile Tonic massage machine (BG225)

The BH Fitness Tactile Tonic Helps to relax stiff muscles and sore joints. It is Ideal both before and after exercising Features. Designed for regular use at home The best choice for beginners and home fitness enthusiasts that want to advance their training. Six speed motor Offers controlled massage settings based on the user and application area. The Plexiglass platform and advanced Stable structure give it a Modern, attractive design.



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BH Fitness Combo Duo Vibration plate BH Fitness Combo Duo Vibration plate (BYV56)

The BH Fitness Combo Duo vibrating booster is actually two devices in one. It is a vibrating vibratory plate with 3D vibrations and a massage machine, which is a connection that enables, for example, an active fight with cellulite. It works on the principle of vibrations that cause reflexive muscle pulls supplemented by various exercises, allowing you to work with different body parts.


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