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Bowflex Crosstrainer max trainer M7i + Gift Bowflex Crosstrainer max trainer M7i (100615)

The first sight on the display already reveals: The Bowflex Crosstrainer max trainer M7i is not an ordinary fitness machine. The main part of the dual-design-display is made of a speedometer, which displays the current calorie consumption per minute. You can burn up to 40 kcal per minute with the Bowflex Max Trainer M7, with an elliptical cross trainer it is just one third. However, only few persons keep up this high, maximum burn rate for a longer time. Hence it is mainly used for a max workout of 14 minutes. This workout is for all, who use "no time" as excuses - because it really takes only 14 mintues. These really take you to the max - it is a "High Intensity Interval Training" (HIIT), whereby the phases of a low load alternate with phases of a very high load.


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Bowflex Crosstrainer max trainer M5i + Gift Bowflex Crosstrainer max trainer M5i (100359i)


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Bowflex Crosstrainer max trainer M3 Bowflex Crosstrainer max trainer M3 (100358)

The strength of the Bowflex Crosstrainer max trainer M3 – maximum fat burning in a short time - is achieved by the combined movement. The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 has the leg movement of a professional stepper and uses additionally the arm movement of an elliptical cross trainer. You lean a bit more forward, so you also train your abs with the Bowflex Max Trainer. Feel the effectivity of burning calories with the Max Trainer M3 or M5 by feeling the burning in your legs, because the highly intensive interval training with the Max Trainer is a pure challenge. But no pain no gain and the goal of the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is very worthwhile: lose weight in no time at all.


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