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Bowflex heart rate bracelet bluetooth 4.0 Bowflex heart rate bracelet bluetooth 4.0 (8020433)

The Bowflex heart rate bracelet bluetooth 4.0 is made of water-repellent material and features the latest bluetooth technologies. By using rechargeable batteries you can get the most out of your workouts for up to 20 hours. This bracelet is suitable for the latest Bowflex max trainer M6 and M8, but also for all other bluetooth controlled devices.


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Bowflex C7 Spinning bike Bowflex C7 Spinning bike (100957)

The Bowflex C7 spinningbike is a nice robust spinningbike with many possibilities. With the Bowflex JRNY console you get tailor-made workouts to achieve all your training goals. Both the handlebars and saddle are adjustable horizontally and vertically for maximum versatility. The spinning bike also has the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video apps to watch your favourite prorgammes undisturbed while cycling. The smooth and whisper-quiet resistance ensures a quiet workout. Translated with (free version)


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