DKN Technology

DKN Technology


DKN A-frame Rack 20352 Sale DKN A-frame Rack 20352 (20352uitverkoop)

The DKN A-frame Rack 20352 features thick, non-slip rubber feet that are perfect for all gym flooring and it is designed especially for professional usage.

This rack has a robust bolt together design and offers solid all-steel construction ensuring ultimate durability.

It accommodates six pairs of DKN Rubber Hex Dumbbells.


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DKN Power Band Black 80 kg 20304 Sale DKN Power Band Black 80 kg 20304 (20304)

The DKN Power Band Black 80 kg 20304 has a 104 cm long loop (total length 208cm).

Maximum safety stretch is 250%.

DKN Power Bands are closed-loop resistance bands, made from multiple latex layers, and bonded with an epoxy glue.

They are stronger and more durable standard resistance bands.


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