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Ernesto Hoost Fight Gear

In 2006 he retired as a K-1 fighter. His last K-1 World Grand Prix final was in Tokyo on 2 December of that year. As a kick boxing legend and four-time K -1 champion, he had already gained so much experience in this sport that he wanted to continue as a trainer and coach. To this day, he is still very active in this sport. Through his years of experience as a fighter, and now as a coach, he has gained a lot of insight and knowledge on all the martial arts. He knows what fighters and trainers want, he knows the strict requirements fighters ask of their materials.

In early 2012, he started to develop a complete kick boxing and MMA products line. He has gathered the best of the best together. Everything is adapted to his needs, and already there are dozens of test samples made. These are then subjected to an extensive series of tests. Then new materials were tested and added to try and meet his high demands. Because in the end it should all fit perfectly and has to be durable, despite the high demands of the users.

During his K-1 career, his Japanese fans gave him a nickname, 'Mr. Perfect'. The reason was that he executed his techniques perfectly. With this same perfection and his dedication and passion the Ernesto Hoost Fight Gear and Fight Wear were developed. Only the best quality, best design and the best materials are used.

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Ernesto Hoost Contest boxing gloves

Ernesto Hoost Contest boxing gloves

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