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Evocardio treadmill walkdesk with table WTD600 Evocardio treadmill walkdesk with table WTD600 (WTD600)

The Evocardio treadmill walkdesk with table WTD600 is the perfect solution if you also want to move while working. Ideal for example during a conference call. Actually, all office activities are possible that you normally do sitting behind a desk. You only need a power outlet and an empty space, then you can immediately get to work with the treadmill!


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Evocardio treadmill walkdesk WTB500 Evocardio treadmill walkdesk WTB500 (WTB500)

The Evocardio treadmill walkdesk WTB500 is designed to support the most demanding office environments. The even, quiet and peaceful treadmill, with a torque-strong and wear-free drive, is made to last. If you already own a standing desk, this treadmill will suffice. It is one of the quietest treadmills currently available, so the treadmill will not be noticed in the office.


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Evocardio Renegade HIIT runner ARUN050 treadmill 10% discount Evocardio Renegade HIIT runner ARUN050 treadmill (ARUN050)

With the Evocardio Renegade HIIT runner treadmill has a new way of running and helps you to burn fat and calories more efficiently and faster through its innovative "toe running approach". The treadmill has a superior steel construction and is very stable. The treads have soft shock-absorbing padding, which provides just the right amount of suspension and shock absorption for the high load and longevity required. The innovative (and patented) curve design adapts to your stride, encouraging walking on the ball of your feet. This reduces the impact on your joints and will improve your performance. This treadmill requires almost no maintenance, eliminating the need to adjust tire tension or replace the tread.



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Evocardio Renegade air runner ARUN100 treadmill 10% discount Evocardio Renegade air runner ARUN100 treadmill (ARUN100)

The Evocardio Renegade air runner treadmill will give your workouts a new dimension. This treadmill is fully self-powered and offers you a unique training experience that requires no electricity. Feel free on this fully manual treadmill where walking or running is the engine. With this treadmill you burn 30% more calories because you challenge the whole body. High intensity intervals are made easy when there are no buttons to reach for to increase or decrease the speed. This makes for a quick transition during group exercise classes, for example.



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Evocardio Treadmill Aerowork AEWO100 Evocardio Treadmill Aerowork AEWO100 (AEWO100)

The Evocardio treadmill Aerowork AEWO100 is ideal for walking while working. The treadmill is designed for anyone who likes to have a good balance between exercise and work at home. Therefore, it is ideal for people who have an office job and want to benefit from burning calories while working. With this treadmill you can improve your posture, physicality and way of walking.


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