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Finnlo Maximum Treadmill TR8000 Finnlo Maximum Treadmill TR8000 (F3573)

The maximum user weight of 150kg in combination with the powerful 4 hp Continumotor makes the Finnlo Maximum Treadmill TR8000 the best choice for home fitness, semi-professional use or business premises. The TR8000 guarantees good training for every professional. Thanks to the powerful AC motor, the speed is driven up to 22 km/h, which can be set per 0.1 km/h. The adjustable tilt angle goes up to 15% and just like the speed, that angle can easily be changed by the user.


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Finnlo Maximum Recumbent RB8000 Finnlo Maximum Recumbent RB8000 (F3572)

With a very robust, sturdy frame, Finnlo's Maximum Recumbent RB8000 is suitable for users up to 150 kg. With its own generator, this recumbent is self-sufficient in power supply. With a flywheel of no less than 14 kg finnlo guarantees a smooth movement on this recumbent. Because of the high quality standard, the RB8000 recumbent is suitable for semi-professional use. Now simply measure your heart rate during intensive training by means of contact sensors or the optional heart rate belt.


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Finnlo Maximum Ergometer Exercise bike UB8000 Finnlo Maximum Ergometer Exercise bike UB8000 (F3571)

The sturdy frame of the Finnlo UB8000 Maximum Ergometer exercise bike makes it suitable for larger users up to 150 kg. This ergometer is self-sufficient, which means that by pedalling you generate electricity yourself and therefore do not need a power connection. With a 14kg flywheel, the Maximum Ergometer Exercise bike has a very smooth movement. The UB8000 is intended for semi-professional use, now simply set how heavy you want to train, in addition, the exercise bike also has heart rate controlled and personal programs. After years of developing the lighter equipment, Finnlo is now in a heavier line, suitable for professionals who wish their customers only the best.


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Finnlo Hometrainer varon stressless Finnlo Hometrainer varon stressless (F3195)

The Finnlo exercise bike varon stressless offers you a user-friendly and effective workout. The ergonomic design, numerous programs and high resistance range help to improve your fitness. The 8-kilogram flywheel and the induction brake system ensure a constant smooth rotation and optimal comfort. Your workouts are always joint-friendly and ergonomic due to the individually adjustable distance to the handlebar - with multiple positions -, seat height and inclination. The comfortable and large gel saddle supports you even during long training sessions and ensures optimal success and therefore the Varon Stressless effortlessly adapts to your needs.


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Finnlo Crosstrainer Maximum EL8000 Finnlo Crosstrainer Maximum EL8000 (F3570)

The large robust frame of the Finnlo crosstrainer Maximum EL8000 allows intensive workouts to be done by users up to 150kg. Due to the highest standard in quality to be processed in this crosstrainer, the maximum EL8000 is suitable for semi professional use. Now accurately set your training intensity from 25 to 200 watts during one of the self-set programs. Through contact sensors or an optional wireless chest strap you can now easily keep your heart rate, so the heart rate controlled programs are also very accurate.


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Finnlo heart rate receiver for Aquon water glide Finnlo heart rate receiver for Aquon water glide (F6811)

The Finnlo heart rate receiver for Aquon water glide receives the data from your chest strap and this data is sent back to the training computer of the Aquon water glide rowing trainer. This makes it possible to constantly follow your heart rate during your training and therefore it is possible to train specifically based on your heart rate. In the manual it is exactly described how to attach the receiver to the rowing trainer. Please note: this heart rate receiver is only for use with the Finnlo Aquon water glide rowing machine.


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Finnlo Cross rowtrainer CR2.5x Finnlo Cross rowtrainer CR2.5x (F3603)

The Revolutionary Finnlo Cross rowing trainer CR2.5x is a must in your own home gym. By using the CR2.5x you will tighten muscles that you don't use during a normal workout on a rowing machine. With a normal rowing trainer, you only make the pull movement, by offering resistance both ways, you also train the front of your body with the Inspire Cross rowing trainer. Each movement requires strength, with the pull movement you will train your back, biceps and leg muscles. With the push movement you will train chest, shoulders, calves and triceps. Do a challenging HIIT training on the CR2.5x rowing machine now! The machine does come with the updated console that is also compatible with Finnlo's app.


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Finnlo Aquon Water Glide rowing machine Finnlo Aquon Water Glide rowing machine (F3709)

The Finnlo Aquon Water Glide rowing machine is perfect for rowing workouts that you can perform at home.

The sturdy frame is designed to support a maximum user weight of 150 kg. The rowing trainer has robust ball bearings mounted on high-quality guides to ensure dynamic movement.


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Finnlo Floor mat XL 200 x 100 CM Finnlo Floor mat XL 200 x 100 CM (F3922)


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Finnlo Aquon Competition Rowing Machine Black Finnlo Aquon Competition Rowing Machine Black (F3708)

The Finnlo Aquon Competition Rowing Machine Black will take you go to your limits and beyond! The sturdy, high-quality rowing machine is particularly durable thanks to the chain puller technology and offers an even more realistic rudder experience due to the direct power transmission. In addition, you can choose your personal training out of the 10 training programs on the training computer. Excuses and boredom have no chance!


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Finnlo Floor mat XXL 240 x 100cm Finnlo Floor mat XXL 240 x 100cm (F3920)

Finnlo Triceps Bar Bend 4692


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Finnlo Smartlock 2 x 32 kg dumbbell set with storage rack Finnlo Smartlock 2 x 32 kg dumbbell set with storage rack (F6774)

The Finnlo Smartlock 2 x 32 kg dumbbell set with storage rack offers you an unmatched number of exercises in your own home. The smartlock system allows you to quickly set each dumbbell easily from 2 to 32 kilograms. This dumbbell set is perfect for broad shoulders, strong arms and a true V-shaped torso. You can adjust the weights symmetrically on both sides for added convenience. These features make this set extra effective for supersets - exercises where you systematically lower the weight in quick intervals.


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Finnlo Autark 2500 multi gym Kopie Sale Finnlo Autark 2500 multi gym Kopie (F3945/demo)

The new Finnlo AUTARK 2500 multi-gym (F 3945) is your ticket to professional-grade strength training. It’s equipped for butterfly, pull downs and rowing as well as doing crunches and loads of cable-pulling exercises.  



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Finnlo multigym Autark 6000 (F 3940) Kopie Sale Finnlo multigym Autark 6000 (F 3940) Kopie (F3940/gebr)

Finnlo krachtstation Autark 6000 (F 3940)



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Finnlo Autark 1500 Ab & Back Module Finnlo Autark 1500 Ab & Back Module (F3932)

With the Finnlo Autark 1500 Ab & Back Module, you can expand your F3943 Autark 1500 gym. With the Finnlo Ab & Back Module, you can determine the intensity exactly according to the weights you choose. Train guided, effective and ideal for back problems, strength sports and mobilization.


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