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Finnlo Maximum Recumbent RB8000 Finnlo Maximum Recumbent RB8000 (F3572)

With a very robust, sturdy frame, Finnlo's Maximum Recumbent RB8000 is suitable for users up to 150 kg. With its own generator, this recumbent is self-sufficient in power supply. With a flywheel of no less than 14 kg finnlo guarantees a smooth movement on this recumbent. Because of the high quality standard, the RB8000 recumbent is suitable for semi-professional use. Now simply measure your heart rate during intensive training by means of contact sensors or the optional heart rate belt.


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Finnlo Maximum Ergometer Exercise bike UB8000 Finnlo Maximum Ergometer Exercise bike UB8000 (F3571)

The sturdy frame of the Finnlo UB8000 Maximum Ergometer exercise bike makes it suitable for larger users up to 150 kg. This ergometer is self-sufficient, which means that by pedalling you generate electricity yourself and therefore do not need a power connection. With a 14kg flywheel, the Maximum Ergometer Exercise bike has a very smooth movement. The UB8000 is intended for semi-professional use, now simply set how heavy you want to train, in addition, the exercise bike also has heart rate controlled and personal programs. After years of developing the lighter equipment, Finnlo is now in a heavier line, suitable for professionals who wish their customers only the best.


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