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Water has unique “cube rule” physical properties, which means that to go twice as fast through it requires 8 times the effort!

So as the athlete increases workout intensity, the Fluid Technology resistance unit responds instantaneously. No slack, no slippage, no flat spots, just full on resistance, in an instant, always there for you at the precise moment you want it!

Every competitive rower knows the feel of the cube rule, and just how tough it can be to squeeze that tiny extra bit of speed out of the boat in the race to the line.
And that’s why we say that Fluid Technology gives you the nearest thing to real on-water rowing.

First Degree Fitness


First Degree E750 hand rower UBE First Degree E750 hand rower UBE (E750)

The First Degree E750 hand rower UBE is a multi-purpose rower that offers options such as recumbent, seated or standing and wheelchair access. The hand rower is medically approved and found to be reliable by health experts. It is a perfect device to build body fitness in a fast and responsible way. This rowing trainer has options on virtually every muscle group to address through training on strength, intensity, endurance, flexibility, balance and stability. To improve the balance between your muscle groups, the counterweight arm rotates 360 Powered FDF's Adjustable Fluid Resistance technology provides 10 resistance levels for varying intensity levels for fitness training and patient safety in recovery training. This hand rower is equipped with training chair, but also offers the option to train without a chair in your wheelchair, for example.


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First Degree E550 rowing machine evolution First Degree E550 rowing machine evolution (E550)

The First Degree E550 rowing trainer evolution the champion of indoor water rowers. The rowing trainer has a sturdy and strong design, has a higher seat and shorter length, making this rowing trainer suitable for every fitness level. Because this rowing trainer uses FDF's Adjustable Fluid Resistance it has unparalleled natural resistance, catching power and the resistance is instantly adjustable with a turn of the handle. The dual water resistance system offers a wide range of resistance making the rowing trainer suitable for multiple users who have different fitness goals.


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First Degree E350 rowing machine evolution First Degree E350 rowing machine evolution (E350)

The First Degree E350 Rowing Trainer Evolution (formerly the E316) is suitable for intensive use and designed for all fitness levels. This rowing trainer features FDF's Adjustable Fluid Resistance and simulates the propulsion of a boat going through the water, making it seem like you are on the water yourself. With this rowing trainer, you will experience continuous resistance and instantaneous suction during the sight and sound of water being driven through the dual tank. The water tank is angled with a straight line configuration giving an unmatched stroke profile a huge range with adjustable resistance. By using this technique, it is very easy to adjust the intensity, for example, halfway through your workout. This makes this rowing trainer also extremely suitable for multiple users with different fitness goals. The rowing trainer takes up little space because the rowing trainer can be stored vertically.


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First Degree Elevate kit First Degree Elevate kit (EVK)

The Elevate kit is specially designed to raise a first degree rowing machine in height. Ideal for people with injuries, the elderly and the less flexible. When installed your rowing machine is doubled in height. This increased position ensures a higher stability and comfort when getting on and off your rower.


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First Degree Smartphone holder First Degree Smartphone holder (SPH)

Your workout will be even more organized with the First degree fitness smartphone holder. An easy to install addition to your console that keeps your smart device easily in sight. This makes it even easier to track your progress, maximize your results! Height adjustable so multiple smartphone models can be placed in your holder.  


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First Degree Touch heart rate handle First Degree Touch heart rate handle (THRH)

The touch heart rate handle accurately communicates your heart rate data from the handle to the console. No difficult sweaty chest straps, extra watches or hardware required. The conductive handles transmit your heart rate in real time to the console where it's easy for you to read. Understanding your heart rate data is the next step in optimizing your workout and achieving your fitness goals.a handle communicates accurate heart rate data directly from the handle to the console.


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First Degree rowing machine backrest First Degree rowing machine backrest (HS-SBK)

The First Degree rowing trainer backrest provides the most comfortable seating position for any rower on the market. Easy getting on and off for any user. Rock solid backrest for extra safety and specific target groups. Suitable for all rowing trainers of First Degree: Evolution series (Apollo and Viking) and Horizontal series.


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First Degree Fluid Rower heart rate kit heart rate receiver First Degree Fluid Rower heart rate kit heart rate receiver (FR-HRK)

The First Degree Fluid Rower Heart Rate kit for the Apollo, Viking, Neptune and Pacific models. The kit wirelessly connects to your chest strap allowing you to read your heart rate on your rower's display. The chest strap must be purchased separately.


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First Degree Fluid Rower Water treatment tablets 4 pack (10131) First Degree Fluid Rower Water treatment tablets 4 pack (10131) (10131)

First Degree Fluid Rower Chloride Tablets.



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