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Indoor rowing


Flow Fitness shine and protect 250ml Flow Fitness shine and protect 250ml (FFA18003)

The Flow Fitness shine and protect 250ml is a cleaning spray specially developed for the Flow Fitness products. It effortlessly and quickly removes sweat, dirt and stains on your fitness equipment, accessories and yoga mats. The spray is safe to use for cleaning and disinfecting plastic or rubber parts and fitness equipment. Materials such as metal, carbon fiber and acrylic also get a nice shine. You only need to apply a thin layer of this antibacterial spray to the surface to be cleaned. After wiping dry with a soft, dry cloth, your item will be spotlessly clean and shiny again. Note: avoid contact with the spray in face and eyes.


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Flow Fitness DWR2500i rowing trainer Flow Fitness DWR2500i rowing trainer (FFD20602)

The Flow Fitness DWR2500i rowing trainer has a steel frame which makes the rowing trainer very stable. By means of the amount of water in the tank you can regulate the resistance. Because more and more people appreciate this natural way of training, the use of water rowers has increased. This rowing trainer is unique because you can use apps such as Kinomap and iConsole. In addition, you make the workout complete with the heart rate monitor that works via bluetooth. The computer is equipped with 1 manual program, 1 target program and 3 interval programs. Due to the rushing water, the water rowers best approximate a real rowing boat. This pleasant sound will make you feel like you are on the water.


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