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Flow Fitness DTM100i Walkingpad Flow Fitness DTM100i Walkingpad (FFD19501)

The new Walking pad DTM100i is the latest addition to the Flow fitness line of treadmills. The compact treadmill is designed for walkers who want to work on their fitness or to keep their weight up. This very compact treadmill can be used in almost all areas and adapts to your needs, with different sensors it senses how you walk and accelerates automatically where necessary. There's virtually no risk of injury because of the DTM100i's good cushioning.


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Flow Fitness Treadmill Runner DTM300i Flow Fitness Treadmill Runner DTM300i (FFD18501)

The Flow Fitness Treadmill Runner DTM300i is an ideal entry-level model, without compromising in comfort and solidity. This model is the little sister of the Runner DTM400i. Not so much because of the number of functions, because except for the incline angle, both treadmills are practically the same. The DTM300i is exceptionally small when it comes to compactness if it is folded. With a height of only 13.8 cm, this treadmill is the smallest in our entire range.


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Flow Fitness treadmill Runner DTM600 (FLO2333) Flow Fitness treadmill Runner DTM600 (FLO2333) (FLO2333)

De Flow Fitness Runner DTM600 treadmill is the entry level model of the four treadmills in the product range of Flow Fitness.Due to its strong construction and powerful 1.7 HP motor this treadmill delivers an excellent performance.


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