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Indoor rowing



Octane fitness Ro max Rower demo Sale Octane fitness Ro max Rower demo (100877-DEMO)

In the constant search for the best equipment Octane fitness has come up with the Ro Max rowing trainer. Octane fitness has applied all its technical expertise to develop a new total-body rower. With a number of innovative features the use of the Ro Max will become even easier. With a quick release footband and 7-inch LCD you get a top model for at home. The Octane Ro is part of the trifecta series, consisting of the Ro rower, max trainer MTX and the AirdyneX. Please note: this unit thoroughly checked by us, in perfect condition and comes with 1 year warranty. The unit has been used for demo purposes for approximately 1 month. 



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EnergyFit Ski-Row air Sale EnergyFit Ski-Row air (ERNERGYFIT-SR)

The EnergyFit Ski-Row air features dual function. In fact, it is the first of its kind with this dual function - a rowing trainer and skier in one. But the real power lies in the combination of these forms of movement. With a simple push of the foot lever, you make the switch from rower to skier and back in less than 5 seconds. The space-saving design and mobility is ideal for HIIT boxes, training studios, gyms and your home gym.



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Flow Fitness W9i rowing trainer oak Flow Fitness W9i rowing trainer oak (FFP22601)

The Flow Fitness DWR2500i rowing trainer has a steel frame which makes the rowing trainer very stable. By means of the amount of water in the tank you can regulate the resistance. Because more and more people appreciate this natural way of training, the use of water rowers has increased. This rowing trainer is unique because you can use apps such as Kinomap and iConsole. In addition, you make the workout complete with the heart rate monitor that works via bluetooth. The computer is equipped with 1 manual program, 1 target program and 3 interval programs. Due to the rushing water, the water rowers best approximate a real rowing boat. This pleasant sound will make you feel like you are on the water.


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Flow Fitness W9i elevation kit oak Flow Fitness W9i elevation kit oak (FFA22001)

With the Flow Fitness W9i Elevation Kit you can raise the seat height of the Flow Fitness W91 rowing trainer. You mount this kit under the rowing trainer so that it is raised by 20 cm. This makes getting in and out a lot easier and makes rowing training also possible for people with a bad leg.


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Waterrower FlowRow balance board Waterrower FlowRow balance board (OFNR010255)

The Waterrower FlowRow balance board can be placed under the feet of the waterrower. The balance board has a flexible middle piece. By keeping the lateral balance during rowing, the coordination and the deeper muscles are extra trained. The FlowRow ensures that the rowing simulation is even more accurate to the real rowing.


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Toorx Ski Ergometer SKX Ski Cross Toorx Ski Ergometer SKX Ski Cross (SKX-SKI-CROSS)

The Toorx Ski Ergometer SKX Ski Cross is self-generating and therefore does not need to be connected to your power grid. Because the device is self-generating, you have no wiring through your gym. The device uses air resistance and therefore guarantees a very smooth movement. Note: floor platform not included.


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Matrix rowing machine Matrix rowing machine (100892)

The Matrix rowing machine has a long - reinforced - handle with a protective layer, to allow both large and small users to row comfortably. The rowing trainer takes up little space and can be stored vertically. Even intense training sessions are comfortable due to the ergonomic seat. With the hot keys you can easily choose a program for sprinting, distance rowing and high-intensity interval training programs. This rowing trainer is very suitable for both beginners and experienced rowers due to the use of the flywheel with 10 precise magnetic resistance settings. The built-in wheels allow you to easily move the unit around. The buckles on the heel straps are quick to release, allowing you, the user, to get off the machine immediately and quickly.


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Hammer WaterEffect 3D rowing machine Hammer WaterEffect 3D rowing machine (H4543)

This WaterRower Performance Ergometer is handmade from sustainable (American) Oak. The water rower is a special model and is equipped with:
- a SmartRow Kit
- a wider 17 inch handle
- 10 cm longer XL Rails
- special tablet/telephone arm The footboard is specially equipped with dual-pin footrests. The high-tech pulley, specially developed for WaterRower, incorporates wireless (bluetooth) technology to connect the rower to your tablet or smartphone. Independent of the water level, the electronics in the SmartRow measures the stroke length and absolute power of your power.


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Nautilus Chest strap 5Hz uncoded Nautilus Chest strap 5Hz uncoded (8006265)

The Nautilus Chest Band 5Hz uncoded is suitable for wireless heart rate measurement on all fitness devices suitable for heart rate measurement with a range of 5Hz.


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Finnlo heart rate receiver for Aquon water glide Finnlo heart rate receiver for Aquon water glide (F6811)

The Finnlo heart rate receiver for Aquon water glide receives the data from your chest strap and this data is sent back to the training computer of the Aquon water glide rowing trainer. This makes it possible to constantly follow your heart rate during your training and therefore it is possible to train specifically based on your heart rate. In the manual it is exactly described how to attach the receiver to the rowing trainer. Please note: this heart rate receiver is only for use with the Finnlo Aquon water glide rowing machine.


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Kettler Regatta 300 rowing machine Kettler Regatta 300 rowing machine (RO1030-100)

With the Kettler Regatta 300 rowing machine you have the benefits of a professional rower at your fingertips. There is for example a good look at the optimal seat height to increase the comfort with getting on and therefore this rowing trainer is also accessible for older people. The rowing trainer is by the extra long rails also suitable for people with a length of 2 meters. The Duo Rail bar of aluminum ensures a stable hold of the Kettler device and simultaneously for a smooth movement. For exta comfort, the rowing trainer is equipped with ergonomic rowing handles. The Regatta 300 is your professional rowing machine for many extraordinary requirements!


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Evocardio rowing trainer Renegade airrower pro ARP100 10% discount Evocardio rowing trainer Renegade airrower pro ARP100 (ARP100)

The Evocardio rowing trainer Renegade airrower pro ARP100 is a very sturdy rowing trainer that can be loaded intensively. This rowing trainer uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance. The air resistance is progressive, which ensures that the counterforce increases as soon as you make the rowing movement faster. The magnetic resistance can be set by yourself. An air resistance rowing trainer with unequalled quality!



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Evocardio Air ski Renegade HIIT ASKI200 Evocardio Air ski Renegade HIIT ASKI200 (ASKI200)

The Evocardio Air ski Renegade HIIT ASKI200 strengthens your back muscles, abs, leg muscles and your upper body that are important when skiing. The machine works with a magnetic and air resistance system making the movements fluid. This makes training more fun and you will experience fewer injuries. The unit has a swivel function and 3 different height positions so "Nordic skiing" is not the only exercise you can do with this unit. This unit is based on a very strong elastic rope system, which only needs 8 kg to move from bottom to top. The floor stand, with its non-slip board and transport wheels, is an all-in-one solution that makes this unit mobile.


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WaterRower Connected experience bundle large WaterRower Connected experience bundle large (OFWRCEB-L)

The WaterRower Connected experience bundle is combination of the tablet arm + holder and the bluetooth module. This set is designed for all wooden WaterRower models and is not suitable for M1 and S1. Please note: that the bluetooth module requires an S4 monitor, version 2.


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Life Fitness Row HX storage stand Life Fitness Row HX storage stand (WR-STAND-101)

The Life Fitness Row HX storage stand makes it very easy to store your Row HX after rowing. The rower is stable and safe in a position off the floor. This prevents scratches or damage.


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Evocardio Rowing machine Renegade airrower classic ARC100 10% discount Evocardio Rowing machine Renegade airrower classic ARC100 (ARC100)

The Evocardio rowing trainer Renegade airrower classic ARC100 is one of the best cardio devices with which you can train your body. The rowing trainer requires both your lower and upper body an equal effort. In addition, with a rowing trainer you have the advantage that you can train your knee and ankle joint without impact. This allows you to train safely yet efficiently. These points make the Air Rower Classic extremely suitable for rehabilitation and full body workout.



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An indoor rower, or rowing machine, is a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing. Indoor rowing has become established as a sport in its own right.

The term also refers to a participant in this sport.

Modern indoor rowers are often known as ergometers (colloquially erg or ergo), an ergometer being a device which measures the amount of work performed. The indoor rower is calibrated to measure the amount of energy the rower is using through their use of the equipment.

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