Air resistance

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Air resistance


Schwinn rowing machine Schwinn rowing machine (100767)

The Schwinn rowing machine is a rowing trainer with the quality you are used to from Schwinn. The rowing trainer is suitable for every user by the oversized steel frame, adjustable foot plates and large LCD screen. Because the rowing trainer is foldable, it is very easy to store and takes up little space. The rowing trainer is equipped with a large seat that is very comfortable and ensures a good posture during your workouts. With the resistance button you can increase the resistance for an extra challenge during your workouts.


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Life Fitness Heat performance row rowing machine Life Fitness Heat performance row rowing machine (PRF-ROW-TFT-01)

With the Life Fitness Heat performance row rowing machine you increase the intensity of your facility. The powerful, modern design is tailored to fit elite athletes in any environment. Life Fitness has gone to great lengths to create a streamlined performance rower that helps push your limits. The rowing trainer features a TFT 2.0 console (with Zwift support) and provides motivational programs and digital feedback to improve your rowing performance.  


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Toorx Rowing machine RWX air cross Toorx Rowing machine RWX air cross (RWX-AIR-CROSS)

The Toorx Rowing machine RWX air cross trainer has a very extensive possibility to train by using an air resistance with a magnetic brake system. By using air resistance the movement is smooth and by combining this with a magnetic brake system you can also choose from training programs such as a race, users or interval training. Because the rowing trainer is equipped with a wireless heart rate monitor, you can train accurately based on your heart rate. In addition, the rowing trainer is very suitable for both home and professional use. This rowing trainer does not use a power supply, it is self-generating. This makes the rowing trainer durable and saves you energy costs. In addition, you do not suffer from cables at the location where you train. Whether you perform a normal training or HIIT (tabata) training, the Toorx RWX air cross will never disappoint.


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Life Fitness Heat row rowing machine Life Fitness Heat row rowing machine (PRF-ROW-LCD-01)

With the Life Fitness Heat row rowing machine you can rowing performance orientated, which brings out the best in an athlete. The rowing trainer has a power design and offers 100 resistance levels and accurate force measurements. This allows users to adapt their training to any level of intensity.


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Octane fitness Ro max Rower Octane fitness Ro max Rower (100877)

In the constant search for the best equipment Octane fitness has come up with the Ro Max rowing trainer. Octane fitness has applied all its technical expertise to develop a new total-body rower. With a number of innovative features the use of the Ro Max will become even easier. With a quick release footband and 7-inch LCD you get a top model for at home. The Octane Ro is part of the trifecta series, consisting of the Ro rower, max trainer MTX and the AirdyneX.


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Finnlo Inspire Cross Rowtrainer CR2.1X Finnlo Inspire Cross Rowtrainer CR2.1X (F3600)

The Revolutionary Finnlo Inspire Cross Rowtrainer CR2.1X is a must in your own home gym. By using the CR2.1X, you can tighten muscles that you don't like during a normal workout on a rowing trainer. With a normal rowing trainer you only make the pull movement, by resisting both sides you also train the front of your body with the Inspire Cross rowing trainer. Every movement takes strength, with the pull you train your back, biceps and leg muscles. With the push movement you train chest, shoulders, calves and triceps. Do a challenging HIIT workout now on the Inspire Cross CR2.1X rowing trainer!


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Endurance Rowing machine concept R300 2 Endurance Rowing machine concept R300 2 (R300)

The Endurance Rowing machine concept R300 2 delivers an effective low-impact cardio and total body workout. Not only does the rowing movement provide users with high-intensity calorie-burning cardio but works quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, obliques, lats, biceps, triceps, hip flexors and more. User-controlled air resistance puts users in full control for a balanced and coordinated workout. The R300 is a self-generating machine eliminating power requirements for peak energy efficiency in home or commercial settings. A precision-engineered flywheel design minimizes noise. Nickel-plated chain offers unmatched durability in even the most intense environments.


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Finnlo Aquon Competition Rowing Machine Black Finnlo Aquon Competition Rowing Machine Black (F3708)

The Finnlo Aquon Competition Rowing Machine Black will take you go to your limits and beyond! The sturdy, high-quality rowing machine is particularly durable thanks to the chain puller technology and offers an even more realistic rudder experience due to the direct power transmission. In addition, you can choose your personal training out of the 10 training programs on the training computer. Excuses and boredom have no chance!


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Air resistance Indoor Rower models use fanlike air-fins on the flywheel to provide the flywheel braking needed to generate resistance. As the flywheel is spun faster, the air resistance increases.

A vent can be used to adjust the airflow to the air fins and thus increase or decrease the resistance. The energy dissipated can be accurately calculated given the known moment of inertia of the flywheel and a tachometer to measure the deceleration of the flywheel. Air resistance rowing machines are most often used by sport rowers (particularly during the off season and inclement weather) and competitive indoor rowers.

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