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Intenza Fitness 450i treadmill 0% discount Intenza Fitness 450i treadmill (450-Ti2S)

The Intenza Fitness 450i treadmill is an intuitive machine and is designed to balance performance, size, strength, stability. The treadmill is designed for focused and intense workouts. The 450's compact yet powerful running deck is optimized to meet the needs of runners who want to make longer strides. Intenza's 450 series treadmill adds architectural elegance to its dramatic appearance and provides visual information via surface materials that allow haptic perception. Function coupled with touch-sensitive surfaces that enhance the user experience.



  Your discount €38,95 (Incl. VAT)

Intenza Fitness 450i recumbent bike 2% discount Intenza Fitness 450i recumbent bike (450-RBi2S)

The Intenza Fitness 450i recumbent bike is a perfect choice for sedentary too workouts. This recumbent bike features an ergonomic backrest and seat. It brings together optimal efficiency and aesthetics in a product that supports a long and healthy life. The ultimate combination of function and results, and particularly suitable for positive peers, this machine will challenge the way athletes and beginners think about their training.



  Your discount €144,95 (Incl. VAT)

Intenza Fitness 450i upright bike 2% discount Intenza Fitness 450i upright bike (450-UBi2S)

The Intenza Fitness 450i LCD upright bike is a premium, modern and highly functional upright bike that helps you as an athlete maintain an effective fitness regime. This exercise bike is great for beginners as well as those seeking the ultimate cycling experience. The best of both worlds, whether for intensive high-impact workouts or just prolonged, gentle aerobic workouts. The upright bike has ergonomically designed handlebars (provides support for your hands), a contoured saddle and a natural and safe pedaling motion. For athletes looking for a challenge, the 40 resistance levels offer a range of choices: your workout, your rules. In short, an unmissable cardio machine in any modern gym, as it is more than just a stationary bike.



  Your discount €118,95 (Incl. VAT)

Intenza Fitness 450i crosstrainer 1% discount Intenza Fitness 450i crosstrainer (450-ETi2S)

The Intenza Fitness 450i crosstrainer is designed for a stable and natural workout. This cross trainer seamlessly mimics the timing and gait of natural running. With its intuitively smooth and low-impact motion, the cross trainer prevents stress on your joints and provides a total body workout. The ergonomic handlebars are raised to comfortably hold the standing position. The pedaling motion is adjusted to mimic the movement of the legs while walking on the ground.



  Your discount €174,95 (Incl. VAT)

Intenza Fitness 450i Escalate stairclimber 2% discount Intenza Fitness 450i Escalate stairclimber (450-Ci2S)

Take the stairs and increase your performance with the Intenza Fitness 450i Escalate stairclimber. The new Hard Black color scheme, which frames the pure, minimal design, brings a new energy to the gym. This stair climber features 20 adjustable stair heights between 10 and 19.5 inches and inclines of 20-40 degrees. This makes it the ultimate cardio powerhouse, but with the landmark program, we invite sports to get in the air!



  Your discount €589,95 (Incl. VAT)

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