Joy Sport

Joy Sport offers high quality equipment for a challenging price. Always ahead with new innovations and improvements.

Joy Sport


Joy Sport crosstrainer CT-6000 (JSCT6000) Joy Sport crosstrainer CT-6000 (JSCT6000) (JSCT6000)

The unique construction of the Joy Sport CT-6000 (JSCT6000) offers your joints minimal pressure and greatly reduce the chance of training injurys. You train the whole body with an easy, natural movement.



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Joy Sport crosstrainer CT-Superieur (JSCTSUP) Joy Sport crosstrainer CT-Superieur (JSCTSUP) (JSCTSUP)

Joy Sport offer a high quality fully automatic cross trainer which features the most advanced electronics at a very modest price. This system will not only ensure a quiet exercise but also offers an extensive (thirteen steps) resistance gradient.To begin with, the CT-Superior (JSCTSUP) comes with a wide range of interesting training programs, totaling no less than 13.


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