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Why Balance Training:
Balance Training has several levels of benefits. Fundamentally, it can enable a better quality of life (a better sense of balance is associated with fewer falls and injuries). When learning a new sport or activity, balance training can shorten the learning curve. At the top end, elite athletes can gain a competitive edge in refining their balance skills. The problem with most existing balance products is that they’re either static, or provide a limited range of motion. Life isn’t static. Modern Movement's focus is to create training tools which provide a wider range of movement, and better replicate real-life movements. Modern Movement's goal is to enable motions more closely associated with the way our bodies move, in balance sports and in everyday living.

2D Movement vs. 3D:
Training in multiple planes of motion (3D) is better at replicating real life movements. However many will find that training in the complete instability of 3D motion is much more difficult than doing 2D movements (front-to-back, side-to-side, etc.). People new to fitness or balance training will be more comfortable starting with 2-dimensional movements and eventually working into 3D.

Make it Fun:
Modern Movement's goal is to get you to a point where you can have more fun doing what you enjoy doing. Whether you are surfing, jogging, skiing, or even having a lunchtime game of basketball, Modern Movement want to help you develop that balance and agility. Integrating balance training into your workout should not only increase your confidence, it should provide a better overall experience for the things you like to do.

Modern Movement


Modern Movement Edge board 2.0 extension trainer Modern Movement Edge board 2.0 extension trainer (100578)

The Modern Movement Edge board 2.0 extension trainer is a full-body extension trainer you can activate with your hands or feet for lunges, push-ups, pike-ups and 14 more exercises. Download the free M-Trac app for digital trainer-led workouts or customize your own. Either way, you can follow the action right on your smartphone or TV, and track your workouts to see progressive endurance and strength gains over time.


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