Schwinn Recumbent 570R + Ride social + Gift Schwinn Recumbent 570R + Ride social (100531)

The Schwinn 570R is a brand new recumbent with which you can choose from dozens of programs. Turn cycling into a dynamic experience by connecting your exercise bike to Ridesocial via Bluetooth. By means of pre-programmed workouts based on interval, challenges, weight control and heart rate, the training will never get boring. Because the 570R recumbent uses 2 LCD screens, all training data is now easy to read. Using an electronic resistor, the 570R training offers 25 different resistors. Combine all this with a Schwinn high speed flywheel and with the 570R you have an excellent device at home for smooth training.


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Schwinn Recumbent 230i + Gift Schwinn Recumbent 230i (100530)

With 22 programs and 20 resistors, the Schwinn 230i has the ability to train in a variety of ways. Manufactured with the exceptional quality you are used to from Schwinn, the extremely comfortable movement and user friendly options ensure that you can train hard and efficiently. The dozens of training programs are easy to read from the clearly lit display. Now connect the recumbent to your phone or tablet to keep track of all your results even easier.


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Schwinn Hometrainer 570U Schwinn Hometrainer 570U (100529)

The extended 570U is now available with 29 programs, of which 4 are user specific and 9 are heart rate controlled. Choose from 25 resistance levels to train at your own pace and level. Start your workout right away with the quickstart button, now use one of the 12 programs that use intervals for a varied workout. On the easy-to-read display, the computer displays your variables. Read your speed, wattage and calorie consumption, among other things.


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Schwinn Hometrainer 130i Schwinn Hometrainer 130i (100528)

The Exercise bike 130i is the fastest way to a healthier and fitter lifestyle, With 22 preset programs in combination with a total of 20 resistors, the 130i can provide you with a very intense workout. This combination addresses the entire cardiovascular system, resulting in impressive results. If you are looking for a device that excels in home use, look no further. The 130i from Schwinn is the perfect exercise bike for you!


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Schwinn Airdyne AD8 HIIT Hometrainer + Gift Schwinn Airdyne AD8 HIIT Hometrainer (100475)

Now go for a personal record with the Airdyne AD8 trainer. The innovative concept of Schwinnn is now available worldwide, also in the Netherlands and Belgium. With this professional device, getting fit has never been easier. This device can be used on several levels, recovering from an injury or just nice hard sports? Everything is possible with the Airdyne AD8.


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Schwinn Airdyne AD6 HIIT hometrainer + Gift Schwinn Airdyne AD6 HIIT hometrainer (100324)

The improved AD6i is now available in the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether you are recovering from an injury or are fully committed to progression, the AD6i fits perfectly in the picture. Now burn as many calories in 10 minutes as some other workouts of almost 1 hour. In addition, with this device, the so-called "afterburn" is many times larger than with other traditional devices.


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Schwinn Airdyne AD2 HIIT hometrainer + Gift Schwinn Airdyne AD2 HIIT hometrainer (100425)

The Airdyne AD2 HIIT trainer is suitable for rehabilitation or Crossfit purposes, get this experience now. This original concept which uses progressive air resistance is now available in the Netherlands. Getting fit has never been easier, because of the technology used to train your body using wind resistance like no other device. The harder you train, the more resistance. Whether you're rehabilitating at lower intensity or as the next top athlete, the AD2 will help you achieve your goals.


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Schwinn Crosstrainer 570E Schwinn Crosstrainer 570E (100533)

With 29 specialized programs, a HIIT Schwinn flywheel and an adjustable slope, the Schwinn 570E is a very versatile crosstrainer. Because of the HIIT flywheel, this crosstrainer is comparable to the equipment found in professional gyms. Connect the 570E to the RunSocial app, this gives you an unlimited number of routes available. Follow the London marathon route in the comfort of your own home. 


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Schwinn Crosstrainer 510E Schwinn Crosstrainer 510E (100754)

Are you looking for a crosstrainer, but the only thing the space at home allows is an exercise bike? The Schwinn 510E is the solution! The 510E is very similar in size to an exercise bike but offers all the options of a crosstrainer. Take your joints off now by a longer stride length, with 45.72cm moves the 510E more smoothly than other crosstrainers with their flywheel at the front. Where normal crosstrainers are normally 160 to 180 cm long, the ground surface of the 510E crosstrainer is only 109.22 x 60.96. Connect the Crosstrainer 510E now via Bluetooth to the Runsocial app to track your results effortlessly.


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Schwinn treadmill 510T Schwinn treadmill 510T (100811)

The Schwinn 510T treadmill is equipped with a 2.6 hp engine with a maximum speed of 16 km/h. The treadmill has an adjustable 10% inclination angle, next to it a 1.5mm thick 1ply. mat on a reversible shelf. The SoftTrack damping system ensures that your joints are spared. The Schwinn 510T is an ideal treadmill for your home that is easy to store because the treadmill is collapsible. Due to the SoftDrop system, the treadmill itself slowly lowers when unfolded.


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Schwinn Treadmill 570T with Bluetooth Schwinn Treadmill 570T with Bluetooth (100535)

Due to the powerful 3.0 hp engine, the Schwinn 570T has a maximum speed of 19.3 km/h. The treadmill is equipped with a 15% incline and a 2mm thick 2-ply mat on a reversible board. Equipped with 6 Hex cell SoftTrack cushioning, this top model from Schwinn is very comfortable to use. With help of the integrated bluetooth sensors you can immediately save all your trainingvalues in SchwinnConnect, myFitnessPall or other training apps connected to Under armour.


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Schwinn IC7 Spinning bike Schwinn IC7 Spinning bike (100737)

The new IC7 is an indoor bike designed for the serious cyclist. When bad weather or a crazy work schedule pushes your workout inside, just jump on the IC7 for an energy efficient, low impact workout that makes you feel like you're riding through the hills. With a generous LCD console, wireless heart rate measurement, an 18.1kg flywheel and infinitely variable resistance, this bike offers serious features for the serious rider. Improve your health with the Schwinn IC7 indoor cycle in your own home.


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