Fitness training kit

Fitness training kit


Stroops bootcamp package Stroops bootcamp package (MEIJbootcamp)

The Stroops bootcamp package is a complete training package with challenging (light and heavy) training materials, that allows you to train 10-15 people at once.The materials are composed on a way that you could create exercises where always two people work together.The variety of different materials ensures nice mix of strength, endurance and coordination training. 



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Stroops small group package Stroops small group package (MEIJsmallgroup)

The Stroops small group package is an ideal package for personal trainers.The Grid allows you to work on flexibility, with the Aqua Bullet you can do specific core exercises to get a base for a strong torso/body.Roll out ladder allows you to put the focus on conditional and SAQ exercises.With this stroops trainings kit, you can do strength training exercises up to 20kg for your lower and upper body.



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