Spinningbike accessories

Spinningbike accessories


Life Fitness tablet holder for the IC4 - IC5 - IC6 - IC7 Life Fitness tablet holder for the IC4 - IC5 - IC6 - IC7 (VI-BYOD-01)

Place your tablet or smartphone on this original tablet holder for Life Fitness Indoor Cycles. The adjustable holder ensures that your device stands firm during the workout. Suitable for the Life Fitness ICG models IC4, IC5, IC6 and IC7.


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Bodytrading Disinfectant spray Bodytrading Disinfectant spray (MDE200)

The Bodytrading Disinfectant spray keeps your equipment hygienic and clean. With occasional use of you fitness equipment, after a period, bacteria and bacilli will accumulation in certain places. These are often the places where there is a lot of contact with the device, such as the handles, the display or the frame if it catches a lot of perspiration. For hygienic reasons and your own health, it is therefore important to clean and disinfect your device on time.


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Bodytrading Multi cleaner spray Bodytrading Multi cleaner spray (MLC200)

With the Bodytrading Multi cleaner spray you can keep your fitness equipment clean and fresh. Cleaning your device on time prevents wear and ensures a longer life. This Ready-to-use all purpose cleaner is suitable for all kinds of soiling on all water resistant, smooth and shiny surfaces. It will make your fitness equipment shine again.


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