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Spirit Fitness Spinningbike Console for CB900 Spirit Fitness Spinningbike Console for CB900 (CONS3260)

The Spirit Fitness Spinningbike console for CB900 is suitable for your Spinningbike CB900. This spinning bike comes standard without a console, but on the console you can display data such as RPM, time, KCal, distance and speed. In addition, you can connect a heart rate strap (not included) to be able to stay within their heart rate training zones and work towards optimal fitness results. Please note: that this concerns only the console for the Spinningbike CB900.


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Spirit Fitness Johnny G spinningbike JG950 Spirit Fitness Johnny G spinningbike JG950 (JG950)

The Spirit Fitness Johnny G spinningbike JG950 is an innovative spinning bike that casts the past and forges it into the future. The spinning bike has an electronically controlled magnetic resistance that creates the ability to duplicate, replicate and differentiate your training sessions. You can display your performance data on the LED screen at all times. Spirit has strategically designed the cockpit style console to put you in a heightened state of performance through the integration of body and mind.


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Spirit Fitness Spinningbike CB900 Spirit Fitness Spinningbike CB900 (CB900)

The Spirit Fitness spinning bike CB900 is a solid indoor bike that outperforms its competitors within this price range. The spinning bike excels on performance, comfort and durability comfort. It is the perfect machine for in your home gym., recreation center, school or hotel. The Spirit Fitness CB900 is not only suitable for home use but can also be used effortlessly for professional purposes. Please note: console not included, this can be ordered separately.


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