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Sports Nutrition


BTTLNS Shaker 800ml Thyrsus 1.0 BTTLNS Shaker 800ml Thyrsus 1.0 (0518001-011)

The BTTLNS Shaker 800ml Thyrsus 1.0 ensures that you make the tastiest airy shakes without any lumps in just a few seconds! This transparent gray shaker has a fresh and modern ergonomic WAVE design which can be filled to 800ml with the most delicious shakes. The unique Snap-on concave filter/sieve that is placed between the cap and drinking cup provides the same effect as a blender or whisk. It will break up the powder and distribute it evenly it over the shake. Developed with a 100% leak proof screw cap, 100% BPA, DEHP free and certified with the highest quality standards. Color composition: Divine black-Destructive gray.


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