Toorx is an Italian brand which is part of Garlando, founded in 1954. Garlando is mainly known for its football tables, billiard tables, table tennis tables and air hockey tables. With Toorx they have made a name for themselves on the home fitness market in a short time.

The products of Toorx have a beautiful Italian design and a high level of construction to meet the requirements of every type of user. In addition to continuous technical and organisational innovation, Toorx is always looking for a good price-quality ratio.

The fitness range of Toorx includes fitness equipment, fitness accessories and weights. When we zoom deeper into the fitness equipment we see a nice line of cardio and strength equipment. Toorx gives the focus on italian quality which is also clearly visible in the cardio and power line.



Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ (FC-TOORX-3C)

The Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ can measure your heart rate in 3 ways. This can be done via bluetooth (max +- 10 meters), ANT+ or via 5.3 kHz (open signal, +- max 80 cm). Suppose you want to measure your heartbeat in a different way, then you don't have to change with this chest band anymore. The Toorx chest band is in fact 3 different chest bands in one. The chest strap will automatically detect your heartbeat and transmit this signal to the receiver.


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Toorx BRX-3000 Ergometer Toorx BRX-3000 Ergometer (BRX3000)

Due to the low entry level, the BRX-3000 is perfect for rehabilitation purposes, even in the fitness room of companies this ergometer is good. Use Bluetooth to connect one of your devices to the display so you can use various apps. Get even more motivation from the Kinomap and iConsole apps, it looks like you are driving the route yourself! Because of the different grip possibilities on the handlebar, you will always find the perfect position.


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Toorx crosstrainer ERX-3500 Toorx crosstrainer ERX-3500 (ERX-3500)

The BXE326 is designed to exceed your own personal records and achieve results. The 16 kg flywheel and the new burn rate control, switch select adjustable pedals, different training levels and Bluetooth technology make this a top model for home use. Connect the console with apps like Under armour trainer and MyFitnessPal to keep track of your results. The BXE326 now comes with free entertainment.


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Toorx Rowing machine RWX air cross Toorx Rowing machine RWX air cross (RWX-AIR-CROSS)

The Toorx Rowing machine RWX air cross trainer has a very extensive possibility to train by using an air resistance with a magnetic brake system. By using air resistance the movement is smooth and by combining this with a magnetic brake system you can also choose from training programs such as a race, users or interval training. Because the rowing trainer is equipped with a wireless heart rate monitor, you can train accurately based on your heart rate. In addition, the rowing trainer is very suitable for both home and professional use. This rowing trainer does not use a power supply, it is self-generating. This makes the rowing trainer durable and saves you energy costs. In addition, you do not suffer from cables at the location where you train. Whether you perform a normal training or HIIT (tabata) training, the Toorx RWX air cross will never disappoint.


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Toorx RWX-3000 rowing machine Toorx RWX-3000 rowing machine (RWX-3000)

The Toorx RWX-3000 rowing machine has 6 different resistors and the built-in heart rate receiver allows you to wirelessly measure your heart rate. The hydraulic design simulates the dynamics of a boat on the water. You can tilt the sprinkler so it takes up less space when not in use. You can choose from various programs such as interval training to train optimally. This water sprinkler is part of the Chrono line from Toorx and is therefore made for very intensive use. This is the perfect water sprinkler if you want to go for the highest performance time after time! Note: to measure your heart rate you will need the optional chest strap.


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Toorx ROWER-SEA waterroeier rowing machine Toorx ROWER-SEA waterroeier rowing machine (ROWER-SEA)

Training on the TOORX Rower Sea is effective and just fun. On the Rower Sea you can train at home all year round, regardless of the season or weather. The high water resistance gives a real rowing feeling.


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Toorx SRX-500 spinningbike Toorx SRX-500 spinningbike (SRX-500)

The Toorx SRX-500 spinning bike allows you to perform a targeted sports session by measuring your heart rate wirelessly with the integrated receiver. (The chest strap is included). By using a blue backlit display, the spinningbike allows you to view all your training data. For even more comfort and convenience, you can choose from 32 different resistors that are electronically modified. Because the spinningbike is equipped with a new direct braking system, this gives you fine control over the resistance. The brand new Chrono Line is the flagship of Toorx and all models have an Italian design and stand for advanced technology. The various models are made for users who always want to achieve high performance and the models are suitable for intensive use.


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Toorx CSX-3000 Dual Pulley 2x80 kg Toorx CSX-3000 Dual Pulley 2x80 kg (CSX-3000)

The Life Fitness Home gym multigym G7 offers an innovative home variety which guarantees an ultimate exercise variety thanks to the robust cable pulley frame. Using the independent cable pulleys, you can train exercise for one side of the body or for both sides at the same time - the last means saving time during an optimal training. The cable pulleys of the multi-gym Life Fitness G7 can be rapidly and easily adjusted in 20 levels. This offers the possibility of leg exercises (i.e. adductors) as well as exercises over the head (i.e. triceps press). The Life Fitness G7 offers, moreover, the possibility to strengthen the upper part of the body using the included pull-up module.


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