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Toorx Stairlimber CLX-9000 Toorx Stairlimber CLX-9000 (CLX-9000)

The Toorx Stairlimber CLX-9000 is professionally deployable escalator/train elevator device. It is possible to adjust the resistance of the stairs in 20 different levels of difficulty through the LCD display. It is an ideal fitness device for the gym due to the calorie burning and high intensity with the ergonomic application. The synchronized chain and belt drive system results in accurate speed control of between 30 and 172 steps per minute. This stair runner is equipped with emergency stop button, sweat resistant surface and fan to train comfortably and safely.


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Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ (FC-TOORX-3C)

The Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ can measure your heart rate in 3 ways. This can be done via bluetooth (max +- 10 meters), ANT+ or via 5.3 kHz (open signal, +- max 80 cm). Suppose you want to measure your heartbeat in a different way, then you don't have to change with this chest band anymore. The Toorx chest band is in fact 3 different chest bands in one. The chest strap will automatically detect your heartbeat and transmit this signal to the receiver.


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Toorx crosstrainer ERX-3500 Toorx crosstrainer ERX-3500 (ERX-3500)

The BXE326 is designed to exceed your own personal records and achieve results. The 16 kg flywheel and the new burn rate control, switch select adjustable pedals, different training levels and Bluetooth technology make this a top model for home use. Connect the console with apps like Under armour trainer and MyFitnessPal to keep track of your results. The BXE326 now comes with free entertainment.


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