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Toorx Rowing machine RWX air cross Toorx Rowing machine RWX air cross (RWX-AIR-CROSS)

The Toorx Rowing machine RWX air cross trainer has a very extensive possibility to train by using an air resistance with a magnetic brake system. By using air resistance the movement is smooth and by combining this with a magnetic brake system you can also choose from training programs such as a race, users or interval training. Because the rowing trainer is equipped with a wireless heart rate monitor, you can train accurately based on your heart rate. In addition, the rowing trainer is very suitable for both home and professional use. This rowing trainer does not use a power supply, it is self-generating. This makes the rowing trainer durable and saves you energy costs. In addition, you do not suffer from cables at the location where you train. Whether you perform a normal training or HIIT (tabata) training, the Toorx RWX air cross will never disappoint.


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Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ (FC-TOORX-3C)

The Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ can measure your heart rate in 3 ways. This can be done via bluetooth (max +- 10 meters), ANT+ or via 5.3 kHz (open signal, +- max 80 cm). Suppose you want to measure your heartbeat in a different way, then you don't have to change with this chest band anymore. The Toorx chest band is in fact 3 different chest bands in one. The chest strap will automatically detect your heartbeat and transmit this signal to the receiver.


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