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Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ (FC-TOORX-3C)

The Toorx heart rate chest strap SMART bluetooth - ANT+ can measure your heart rate in 3 ways. This can be done via bluetooth (max +- 10 meters), ANT+ or via 5.3 kHz (open signal, +- max 80 cm). Suppose you want to measure your heartbeat in a different way, then you don't have to change with this chest band anymore. The Toorx chest band is in fact 3 different chest bands in one. The chest strap will automatically detect your heartbeat and transmit this signal to the receiver.


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Toorx Spinningbike SRX-3500 Toorx Spinningbike SRX-3500 (SRX-3500)

The Toorx Spinningbike SRX-3500 has a freewheel system which provides a very pleasant cycling experience. It is possible to adjust the resistance electronically to challenge yourself. The spinning bike has a flywheel of no less than 24 kilograms. And you can connect your smartphone via bluetooth to the computer to use apps like Kinomap and iConsole+.


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Toorx SRX-500 spinningbike Toorx SRX-500 spinningbike (SRX-500)

The Toorx SRX-500 spinning bike allows you to perform a targeted sports session by measuring your heart rate wirelessly with the integrated receiver. (The chest strap is included). By using a blue backlit display, the spinningbike allows you to view all your training data. For even more comfort and convenience, you can choose from 32 different resistors that are electronically modified. Because the spinningbike is equipped with a new direct braking system, this gives you fine control over the resistance. The brand new Chrono Line is the flagship of Toorx and all models have an Italian design and stand for advanced technology. The various models are made for users who always want to achieve high performance and the models are suitable for intensive use.


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