Polar A360 fitness tracker white

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This waterproof Polar A360 fitness tracker is the first to have both a wrist-based heart rate monitor and Polar personalised training guidance, as well 24/7 activity tracking.

It even has smartwatch features like smart notifications and a colour touchscreen.

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Polar A360 fitness tracker white

This waterproof fitness tracker is the first to have both a wrist-based heart rate monitor and Polar personalised training guidance, as well 24/7 activity tracking. It even has smartwatch features like smart notifications and a colour touchscreen.


Train your way - Polar A360 is the fitness tracker that does more. Together with Polar Smart Coaching you can assess your day-to-day fitness levels, plan your individual training, work out at the right intensity and receive instant feedback - designed for maximum enjoyment and motivation.

Be active - Track everything you need to know about your day, starting with monitoring your sleep quality and going on to your steps, distance, calories burned and any activity you do. You can check your daily activity goal and get practical guidance if you need a little extra help to reach it. The Polar A360 even vibrates to remind you to move if you’ve been inactive for too long. All the details about your activity and its health benefits can be found in Polar Flow.

Look good - The Polar A360 is a fitness tracker with an elegant, minimalist design that combines fashion and function to great effect. Get all the information you need on a sharp, high resolution full colour touch screen. Blend Polar A360 with your personal style and mood by choosing the colour of the soft, silicone wristband that best suits you. Choose from three different sizes with a secure, easy to use buckle for a comfortable fit.

Stay connected - With Polar A360 you can decide if you want to be connected and get alerts directly on your wrist. In training mode, Polar A360 can let you know when someone’s calling so you can decide if you want to stop. The rest of the time you can also stay on top of texts, appointments, and social media by getting alerts directly on your wrist.

Smart Coaching:

Activity Guide: Shows how active you've been during the day so far, and offers practical guidance like “walk for 50 minutes or jog for 20 minutes” you can choose how to reach your daily activity goal. Meet your goal faster with more intense activities, or spread your activity throughout the day and work up to your target at a pace that suits you. More ›
Activity Benefit: Rewards you by giving you daily, weekly and monthly feedback explaining how your activities have been benefiting your health. You can check up on how you're doing either from the Polar Flow app or by using the Flow web service. More ›
Smart calories: Calculates the number of calories burned based on your individual data: your weight, height, age, gender, and the intensity of your activity. When you use wrist-based heart rate monitoring during your training sessions, the calorie calculation is the most accurate. The sport you are doing is also taken into account, giving you specific, accurate results. More ›
Fitness Test (H7 heart rate sensor required): A five-minute test that measures aerobic fitness from your resting heart rate, heart rate variability and your background information. Complete the test regularly to see the progress you’re making. More ›
Heart rate based training: Shows your current heart rate and what heart rate zone you’re in, enabling you adjust what you’re doing to train at the right intensity level for your goal. You can set your own targets or favorites to aim for, and get guidance on how to keep the right intensity to get the benefits you want to achieve.
Training Benefit: Helps you to understand how each training session benefits your fitness, and gives you feedback immediately after exercising. The Training Benefit feature advises you on how you can make your training more varied by altering your training intensity and duration. More ›
Sport profiles: Polar provides over a hundred different sport profiles which enables you to choose the right one for your training sessions, and get sport-specific reports and feedback. All sport profiles are based on specific logic and give you the most accurate data, for example, about burned calories. Manage your sport profiles in the Flow web service.


Wrist-based heart rate training: Makes heart-rate based training more convenient than ever, just tighten the band and you’re ready to train. Exercise at the right training intensity and get guidance how to reach your fitness goals.
24/7 activity tracking: Track your activity 24/7 and get practical support to help you achieve your individual daily activity goal.
Vibrating smart notifications: Stay up to date with phone notifications on your wrist, so you know if and when you need to stop.
Steps and distance: Tracks your steps and uses that data to calculate what distance you’ve traveled.
Smart calories: Find out exactly how many calories you’ve burned. The calories you burn are calculated by combining your personal data (weight, height, age, and gender) and your daily activity and heart rate based training.
Sleep: Automatically tracks your sleep time and quality. Check and learn more about your sleeping patterns in the Polar Flow app and web service.

Weight: 31.7g (S), 33.7g (M), 37.3g (L)
Wristband thickness: 13.5 mm
Wristband width: 23.5 mm


- Waterproof (WR30)
- Wide-viewing angle full colour TFT display with capacitive touchscreen
- Screen resolution: 80 x 160 pixels (RGB)
- Screen size: 13mm x 27mm

- Polar proprietary optical heart rate module (2 green LEDs, 1 photodiode, analog front-end)
- Rechargeable 100 mAh battery
- Battery life up to 2 weeks with 24/7 activity tracking, including 1 hour of training per day (without smart notifications in use)


- Easy wireless sync via Bluetooth® Smart with the Polar Flow app
- Micro USB connector for charging and data sync with PC or Mac via Polar FlowSync
- Compatible with:
* Computer running Mac OS X10.6 or later and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
* Mobile phones running iOS7 or later and Android 4.3 or later
* Polar Balance smart scale
* Polar H7 heart rate sensor
* Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal (iOS users) and MapMyFitness
* All compatible phones available here
- Updatable software
- UI languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Japanese

  • Brands Polar
  • Warranty 2 years warranty
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  • 14 days exchange warranty
  • Delivery in box
  • 2 years warranty
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