Triggerpoint cool point 484010 Triggerpoint cool point 484010 (484010)

Athletic performance, pace-setting and fatigue are all guided by signals relayed between the brain and the body.Cooling the hand stimulates thermoregulation signals to the brain, which is scientifically shown to improve athletic performance and delay fatigue.The hand is the body’s natural radiator. Experience the performance benefits of a real cooling strategy today!


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Triggerpoint the grid-X foam roller Triggerpoint the grid-X foam roller (483017)

The new Triggerpoint the grid-X foam roller with a harder foam for even more deep massage.This revolutionary tool incorporates a grid system with different widths and depths.You define the intensivity of the massage by changing the position of the Grid-X.The The Grid is for anybody who wants to move better, use the GRID for a self-massage and roll through the tight muscles, knots and kinks that prevent feeling good and moving well.The GRID foam roller is designed with proprietary Distrodensity zones.



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