Workout with the TRX Suspension Trainer and appeal to your strength and stability, particularly the core. With the TRX your workout goes "back to basics": No expensive, complicated fitness equipment, but a workout with your own bodyweight against gravity.



TRX Suspension trainer pro TRX Suspension trainer pro (TRXTRAINERPRO)

When you workout with the TRX Suspension trainer pro, you train strength and stability, particularly your core. With the TRX you go "back to basics": no expensive, complicated fitness equipment, but you train with your own bodyweight against gravity. The TRX Pro has the additional advantage of an extra carbine so the TRX is even easier to confirm. By usage of your own bodyweight and gravity you can have an effective core training. The versatility of the TRX Suspension Trainer makes it possible to adjust the intensity of your workout to every fitness level. Door Anchor included!


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Create your own fitness station wherever you want with the TRX X-Mount! The X-Mount can be confirmed on the wall or ceiling and creates an efficient trainingspace everywhere. The TRX X-Mount can be used in combination with the TRX Professional P2 and Suspension Trainer Pro.


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