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Chin guards


Tufwear shinguards shin instep Tufwear shinguards shin instep (T320)

This leather Kick shin guards are perfect for thai / kickboxing and MMA. They stays securely in place through the sturdy velcro, and the elastics at the bottom of the foot. The padding provides the necessary protection. Anatomically shaped for a perfect fit. The foot protection bends easy through the threefold parts that are made.


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Tufwear shinguards top gun Sale Tufwear shinguards top gun (T315)

The Top Gun shinguards have a beautiful appearance and provides maximum comfort and protection. These shin guards have a double padding on the shins, one part is injected foam and the second part consists of optimal protective foam. The PU shin pads can be attached by two strong velcro closures and an elastic under the foot. The shin guards breathe very good, so you are assured of top comfort.



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Tufwear elastic leg protectors Tufwear elastic leg protectors (T326)

These leg protectors from TUF Wear are elastic, so you can pull this protectors easy on and off. The pads are attached around your leg, without clamping. The padding is very sturdy and protects your shins and instep optimal. This is ideal for MMA, karate and kickboxing (trainings), but also for other kind of fighting sports.


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Tufwear shinguards de luxe black Sale Tufwear shinguards de luxe black (T325)

TUF Wear cotton shin protectors are perfect to protect against hard kicks. The shinguards have a threefold padding, this will make it easy to bend and provide optimum protection. The shin guards are secured with three velcro closures and a elastic at the bottom of the foot.



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