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XTERRA Crosstrainer FS2.5 XTERRA Crosstrainer FS2.5 (FS2.5)

Whether you are looking to slim down or tone up, train more efficiently on the XTERRA Crosstrainer FS2.5. The FS2.5 features 24 levels of resistance along with 24 program options to keep your workouts fresh and your body challenged. Listen to your favorite music by connecting your MP3 player through the audio jack and speakers in the console. Enjoy the benefits of better health and fitness with the new Xterra Fitness FS2.5 Dual Action Elliptical.


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XTERRA Crosstrainer FS5.8 XTERRA Crosstrainer FS5.8 (FS5.8)

With the XTERRA Crosstrainer FS5.8 achievements that may have once seemed far off become closer with every stride. With 20 levels of resistance combined with 20 levels of electronic incline, the FS5.8 allows you experience a wide variety of challenges. To make it easy to monitor your workout, you are provided with a widescreen, bright blue backlit LCD display to keep you informed. XTERRA Fitness has carefully designed the FS5.8 so that you will always experience a safe and comfortable workout. This comprehensive workout is non-impact, effectively providing exercise to a wide range of muscle groups while avoiding injury or discomfort from joint shock.


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XTERRA Crosstrainer foldable FS3.0 XTERRA Crosstrainer foldable FS3.0 (FS3.0)

The XTERRA Crosstrainer foldable FS3.0 will bring home everything you need to start you on the journey towards meeting your health and fitness goals. The flywheel offers a large stride of 46 cm and the rail system ensures an optimal distribution of the body weight. The construction is based on 6 points on the floor so it is very stable during your training. All high quality components ensure that the exercise is smooth and pleasant.


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XTERRA Crosstrainer FS4.0 XTERRA Crosstrainer FS4.0 (FS4.0)

Are you looking for a way to start down the path to health and adventure? The XTERRA Crosstrainer FS4.0 will bring home everything you need to start you on the journey towards meeting your health and fitness goals. The Xterra Fitness FS4.0 elliptical will deliver a non-impact, total body training session that will burn calories and improve your cardiovascular conditioing. Its ergonomic 46 cm stride length and 10 kg flywheel will provide a smooth, consistent experience, and with the 15 cm blue backlit LCD display, you will be able to easily monitor the progress of your training session. Whether it be losing weight, toning up or increasing your daily energy levels, the Xterra Fitness FS4.0 elliptical will allow you to train for any of your fitness goals.


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