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XTERRA Treadmill TR6.6 XTERRA Treadmill TR6.6 (TR6.6)

The XTERRA Treadmill TR6.6 offers a wide variety of pre-set, manual, user, and heart rate controlled workout programs, you can now attain the comprehensive training experience necessary to realize your health and conditioning ambitions. Furthermore, thanks to its sturdy frame and powerful motor both of which are covered by a lifetime warranty - the Xterra Trail Racer TR6.6 treadmill is built to keep up for as far as you can push yourself. Xterra understands that fitness is an adventure that doesn't diminish over time. Victory comes to those with focus, and the TR6.6 is specifically designed so that you'll never have to avert your eyes from the goal.


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XTERRA Treadmill TR3.0 XTERRA Treadmill TR3.0 (TR3.0)

The XTERRA Treadmill TR3.0 features a large 51 x 140 cm running surface and a powerful 2.25 HP continuous duty motor to start you off on the right foot. Whether you start out walking or jogging, the 0-16 kph speed adjustments and the 0 to 10 degree incline adjustments provide the versatility to help you achieve your goals. While taking those first steps you will want to make sure you do it in comfort. The Xterra Fitness Trail Racer TR3.0 treadmill features multiple soft elastomers located under the treadmill deck to reduce the impact of your foot strike and take the wear and tear off of your joints. The heavy-duty frame construction features a lifetime frame warranty so you can be assured that this treadmill is built to last.


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XTERRA Treadmill I run TR2.0 XTERRA Treadmill I run TR2.0 (TR2.0)

With the high-quality XTERRA Treadmill I run TR2.0 you are well equipped for your weekly training. The 41 mm large rollers combined with the 46 cm wide and 134.5 cm long tread offer unprecedented training comfort. This machine is also suitable for people who want to lose weight. The treadmill features a 1.25 hp continuous duty engine and with a maximum speed of 16 km/h, this treadmill is for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. A strong incline motor gives you the option to set the incline to no less than 10 levels. Because the engine always runs at low rpm during training, the noise level remains low and is very pleasant. Thanks to the quick keys you can easily adjust the speed.


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